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PF230 K/E   









PF230IP K/E (Kerosene/Electric Ice Pack Freezer)

WHO Test Procedure E3/PROC/6
WHO Specifications E3/FR4
Vaccine Storage Capacity (L) Refrigerator N/A
Frozen Ice Pack Storage Capacity (L) Freezer 86.4
Manufacturers Gross Volume (L) Refrigerator N/A
Freezer 230
Type Of Kerosene Burner/Gas Jet Size Aladdin 23
Hot Zone Appliance (+43°C) YES
Temperate Zone Appliance (+32°C) YES
Power Sources Kerosene / Illuminating Parrafin & Mains Electric
  * Also available in LPGAS *
Power Consumption / 24hr period (approx)***
Kerosene / Paraffin +32°C 0.93 L
+43°C 1.08 L
Performance Information  
Hold Over Time During Power Cut N/A
Ice pack Freezing with Vaccine +32°C N/A
+43°C N/A
Ice pack Freezing without Vaccine +32°C 4.8kg / 24hrs
+43°C 1.8kg / 24hrs
Boxed Dimensions (mm) (H) 980mm x (W) 1400mm x (D) 750mm
Unboxed Dimensions (mm) (H) 960mm x (W) 1330mm x (D) 710mm
Weight (Kg's) - boxed 115kg
Shipping Volume (Crated) 1.40m³
Container Quantities  
20' 27
40' 56
40'HC 56




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GR265 G/E PR265 K/E PF230IP K/E
(Gas / Electric Vaccine Storage Refrigerator & Ice Pack Freezer)
(Kerosene / Electric Vaccine Storage Refrigerator & Ice Pack Freezer)
(Kerosene / Electric
Ice Pack Freezer)

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